The Island Singles is a social club, established about 25 years ago, in which mature singles can meet and socialize with other single adults through numerous scheduled get-togethers at local restaurants, members' homes or other venues.  

Membership is open to all single residents on Hilton Head Island and in the Greater Bluffton area as well as in Savannah and Beaufort.  We also welcome winter snow birds.  Our membership averages between 80-100 people.


Click on our Newsletter link for a typical Island Singles monthly schedule. We are open to social or activity suggestions.   Of course, we encourage your active participation as you will receive more from the club by doing so.


How to get started -

      If you have never been a member, you may attend as a guest up to 3 times and then are required to join by submitting the Membership Application found on the website along with a check for your annual dues. In order to attend as a guest, just check the newsletter for an up-to-date schedule.  All the details you need are provided.  Just show up at the restaurant's bar at the designated time and introduce yourself.  Be sure to check the newsletter to see if a reservation is required.  Several special annual events are planned for which a small additional fee is required.

If you have questions see the Contact Us link.